There are always questions about plants and which ones are safe and which ones should be avoided. The following is by no means a complete list of what is safe and what is not. You might need to do a little research on individual plants if you don't find it listed here.

Lories love flowers, so here are some SAFE common flowers your lory will love: 

Acacia, Bottlebrush, Calendula, Carnation, Daisies, Dandelion, Eucalyptus, Hibiscus, Honeysuckle, Marigolds, Milk Thistle, Nasturtiums, Pansies, Passionflowers, Roses, Sunflowers  and tree flowers including apple, citrus and eucalyptus.

 Note: While many flowers may be safe, other parts of the plant including, leaves, stems and roots may be toxic


Acacia, African Violet, Ash, Aspen, Baby’s Tears, Bamboo, Begonia, Birch, Bougainvillea,  Christmas Cactus,  Coleus, Corn Plant, Crabapple, Dandelion, Dodwood, Donkey Tail, Dracaena, Eucalyptus, Ferns (Asparagus, Birds Nest, Boston and Maidenhair), Figs, Gardenia, Grape Ivy,  Jade Plant, Marigold, Mother-In-Law Tongue, Mulberry, Nasturtium, Natal Plum, Norfolk Island Pine, Palms (Areca, Date, Fan, Lady Parlor, Howeia, Kentia, Phoenix, Sago),  Pepperomia, Petunia, Pine, Poplar, Prayer Plant, Purple Passion, Rubber Tree, Schefflera , Spider Plant, Swedish Ivy,  Thistles, Umbrella Plant,  Wandering Jew (green, variegated and purple), White Clover, Willow, Zebra Plant


 This is a partial list of plants that may be considered unsafe for a variety of reasons. Some may contain toxins that, when ingested, can cause problems. Or contact with may cause skin irritation. Others may be highly toxic in their entirety or some element of the plant may be toxic.

Amaryllis, Azalea, Black Locust, Box Elder, Buttercup, Cactus (danger from thorns), Caladium, Cedar, Clover, Crocus, Dieffenbachia, Elderberry, Gingko, Holly, Iris, Laurel, Lily, Marijuana, Milk Weed, Mimosa, Mistletoe, Morning Glory, Orchid, Olive, Ornamental Ivy, Philodendron, Poison Ivy, Poppy, Pothos, Ragweed, Rhododendron, Trumpet Vine, Verbena, Wisteria

 Also not safe are the bulbs of flowers such as tulips, jonquils, hyacinths, daffodils, and iris.

 NOTE: Nightshade is a group of plants whose members can be highly toxic; however there are some safe and edible members of this family.  Potatoes, tomatoes and eggplant are all edible; however, the leaves, roots and vines may not be.   All parts of Belladonna can be deadly poisonous.